Online-Conference „The Concept of Death, and the Concept of Life in Judaism, Christianity and Islam“,   September 23rd-24th 2020

The international online-conference  „The Concept of Death, and the Concept of Life in Judaism, Christianity and Islam“ will take place on 23.–24. September 2020 via Zoom. The program starts at 3 p.a. (CET) on both days.

The full program can be found at:

PLEACE NOTICE: Participation is only possible after registration with Mr. Fabian Schmidmeier The number of participants is limited.


Prof. Dr. David C. Kraemer, The Jewish Theological Seminary, New York:

“The Concept of Death in Judaism”

Prof. Dr. Douglas Davies
, University of Durham:

“The Concept of Death in Christianity”


Prof. Dr. Timothy Gianotti, Islamic Institute for Spiritual Formation, Toronto:

“The Concept of Death in Islam”


Prof. Dr. Gabriel Levy, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim:

“The Concept of Life in Judaism”

Prof. Dr. Kerstin Schlögl-Flierl, University of Augsburg:

“The Concept of Life in Christianity”

Dr. Muhammad U. Faruque, Fordham University, New York:

“The Concept of Life in Islam”


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