Welcome to our Bavarian Research Center for Interreligious Discourses

The research center Key Concepts in Interreligious Discourses (KCID), whose goal was to reveal the theoretical roots of the three monotheistic world religions Judaism, Christianity and Islam in the interest of mutual understanding, is currently being expanded into the Bavarian Research Center for Interreligious Discourses (BaFID). Several years of previous research work by Prof. Dr. Georges Tamer, Dr. Katja Thörner and Fabian Schmidmeier, M.A. from Friedrich-Alexander-University and the project partners from the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt around Prof. Dr. Christoph Böttigheimer and Dr. Wenzel Widenka were rewarded by the Bavarian State Government with additional funds in spring 2020. The new research center BaFID was opened in October 2020. Currently, the employees are structuring the work program for the next two years. New members of the team around founding director Prof. Dr. Georges Tamer and managing director Dr. Thörner are coordinator Gudrun Ferber-Robin, the research associates PD Dr. Christian Lange, PD Dr. Elke Morlok, Dr. Ghassan El Masri and Dr. des. Antonia Öksüzoglu. Kirsten Waltert, M.A. is currently rebuilding the BaFID homepage as the consultant for media and public relations.


KCID is provided by Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg and the Catholic University Eichstätt-Ingolstadt.


1) The Concept of Body in Judaism, Christianity and Islam 1.1 The Concept of Body in Judaism Prof. Dr. Giuseppe Veltri Professor of Jewish Philosophy and Religion; Director of the Maimonides Centre for Advanced Studies, University of Hamburg No video, report will be published 1.2 The Concep...

2019 June, We 26th – Fr 28th 2019: “The Concept of Body and the Concept of Soul in Judaism, Christianity and Islam” (in Eichstaett) September, We 18th – Fr 20th 2019: Fachtagung “The Concept of Violence and the Concept of Just War in Judaism, Christianity and Islam” 2020 February, We 12th -  F...